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Keep your content fresh to attract, engage and convert more prospects. Launch new solutions faster. Create meaningful buyer experiences by showing the high value content to the most interested prospects at the right moments – the moment of now.

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Centralize your digital marketing and sales assets

Bring all your sales and marketing content from multiple sources into one place. Use InXero to manage your videos, infographics, white papers, data sheets, presentations, articles from the industry and your vendor partner portals – making it easier to access and use the right content for the right buyer moment.


Educate your buyer with thought leadership content

Speed up your storytelling with your relevant content mixed up with industry magazines and multi-vendor content tailored for various roles. Quickly curate and deploy your content anywhere. Share your vision with clients beautifully and track progress. InXero helps you keep your content fresh, organized and in your total control. No coding required.

“Tech buyers of all ages prefer short articles from credible news articles and industry experts when seeking information before the sale.” IDG

position your sales rep

Showcase full breadth of your solutions to attract, nurture and engage more prospects

Incorporate buyer engagement applications into your website, blog, landing pages, LinkedIn and sales outreach. InXero helps you get content flowing right out of the box with templates and solution blueprint systems at every stage of the tech buyer journey. With the ability to reuse content across website, LinkedIn and sales team, you’ll wonder how you ever worked any other way.

Create unique and relevant buyer experiences by showing the high value content to the most interested prospects at the right moments – the moment of now. Engage prospects and keep them coming back to your site. Maximize time on your site, buyer experience and conversions.

take control

Take control of your story

The disconnected tools that you currently use from multiple vendor partners often don’t help you deliver your cohesive message and conversion across all channels. InXero is the glue for all your buyer touchpoints and gives you total control to drive your message and demand in one single platform. Reduce cost, time and get to the market faster by connecting all your tools and consolidate all vendors in one place.

Make your brand the remarkable story on your website and social networks – in the moments of now when the prospects are researching for new solutions.

generate demand

Generate demand

Engage. Acquire. Grow. Drive the right traffic for more conversions and revenue with InXero.

Generate more leads with contextual placement of CTAs into the organic buyer experiences. InXero helps you extend your reach via your sales team and deliver value first to your prospects before asking for their information. Un-gate content and then enable gates at the right time.

Build new prospects from social networks and keep them coming back to your site.

show mdf roi

Show MDF ROI to your vendors

Reach marketing KPIs at every stage of the buyer journey with the right mix of content, CTAs and digital experiences.

Measure, track and discover the performance of your showcase and content over social, sales team, and web. Link ROI to your MDF dollars. Quickly identify which content are driving the most leads, views, CTAs and which solutions are making a key impact to your revenue growth. Show MDF ROI to your vendors and get even more MDF.


~16 influencers involved in major tech purchases- IDG

Millennials are driving the buying committee

Buyers research and self- educate long before they engage sales

67% of buyer’s journey is done online

IT Buyers have changed

Go-to-Market made simple and fast.
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Break the bottleneck with your digital sales enablement to

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Generate demand
  • Expand your business

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