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The future of channel Go-to-Market

Democratizing digital channel Go-to-Market to empower every channel centric business #AchieveMore with partners in the digital age


The dawn of a friction-free customer experience economy

For centuries, technology has been driving the human progress forward. More than 75% of the technology in the world is deployed by IT solution providers. So over 17 million people employed by IT solution providers are contributing to drive the human progress forward for 7 billion people in our world.

The tech revolution has opened up new opportunities for businesses across the globe. But in the age of continuous connection: when we can interact with our prospects and customers 24/7, we need a new business model and modern go-to-market tools. A new model that helps IT solution providers to drive their own demand and connect with tech buyers and vendors in a whole new way that is demanded by the tech buyers.

Ultimately, it’s about these two numbers: the few empowering the many.

17 Million

7 Billion

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The Problem

Tech go-to-market dynamics has evolved, but the channel tools haven’t caught up for the digital age. Partner portals, phone calls, emails, MDF approvals, physical events and conventional marketing and sales tools have become part of the problem they were meant to solve.


Solution Providers Sellers have access to a small percentage of Buyers time - Gartner. Buyers spend 18% of their time talking to sellers while they spend 82% on research.

At InXero, we know IT solution providers need to figure out how to make your customers aware of the full breath of solutions capabilities that they have so that they can find net customers and increase cross-sell and upsell with multi-vendor joint solution bundles. Yet most solution providers don't have all the marketing resources that bigger companies have even though their marketing people need to be as strategic to their company as other people who've had years to learn the latest technology and modern marketing techniques. And let's be honest - it's hard.

The Results

IT solution providers go-to-market is siloed and requires too much time managing disjointed tools and relationships with vendors, distributors and sales team. The result? Slow go-to-market. Lost revenue. Missing leads. Hard to create multi-vendor joint solution showcases. Exhausted marketing and sales employees, running from crisis to crisis. Taking new products and solutions to market remains massively complicated, highly manual, and risk-prone. There has been no simple, efficient and integrated way for solution providers to market and sell their solutions. Until now.

It’s time to reimagine the digital channel go-to-market

While working with manufacturers and distributors and running a reseller business, we have seen the stone age of the back end of the channel infrastructure. We have committed ourselves to delivering to the channel a modern, dynamic and engaging go-to-market platform that drives efficient revenue and growth in the digital age. We are devoted to break the bottleneck with digital sales enablement for solution providers to accelerate time to market, generate demand and expand your business.

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Top Go-to-Market Strategies for IT Solution Providers

Reaching and engaging IT buyers is an ever-evolving endeavor. Today’s IT buyers are younger, digitally enabled and quality-obsessed. There are five generations of IT buyers out there. If that was not difficult enough, they all have different preferences about how they consume content while making purchase decisions. More millennials are driving the buying committee. 34% of Younger Millennials (ages 19–25) and 41% of Older Millennials (ages 26–35) already possess technology decision making responsibilities.


Among Younger Millennials on the tech buying committee, 61% contribute to their companies’ technology product or service purchase - and one in three is already a decision-maker. Millennials are gaining ground and they buy differently.

Successful IT solution providers today implement these top go-to-market strategies to fuel growth: website - inbound, social and peer communities, sales enablement and account based marketing, thought leadership, preserve and expand existing relationships and digital advertising.

The digital and internet are a great equaliser. In the past, many of these strategies were utilized only by bigger companies who had years of expertise and budgets. But in the digital age, it’s not about the size of the vallet, it’s about the speed of thoughts. It’s about the mind. The digital world has opened new infinite possibilities for all.


Information is our greatest resource in digital age

Every solution provider, every distributor, every vendor and every customer organization needs to reimagine itself in this new digital age. Information is our greatest resource and it is also our most important resource. Information is unlike any other resource. It is completely renewable and reusable. Turning that information into action, progress and outcomes is the heart of digital transformation. Solution providers who will master the science of leveraging the right information at the right time will emerge as the leaders of this digital world.

From channel go-to-market perspective, leveraging information effectively at scale to create their own unique story to engage the tech buyers is a great opportunity to spur growth, but incredible challenging. It requires speed. It requires information at the fingertips of your marketing and sales teams. It requires everyone to ensure that technology reflects our humanity and values. Above all, it requires digital trust.

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Use Your Unique Story to Power Your Go-to-Market Strategies and Deliver a Friction-Free Buyer Experience

Your story is the key to accelerate your go-to-market strategies. Use just-in-time information and create your unique story based on multiple digital experience dimensions.

Once you can master this art of story creation to activate your go-to-market strategies, you will get access to the bigger 82% of the slice of buyers time, your business will reach new heights and you will become the digital leader.


The modern IT buyers value experience. According to one Salesforce report, 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.

We are on a mission

At InXero, our mission is to simplify the entire go-to-market process and democratize the digital channel go-to-market stack so that IT solution providers, distributors and vendors can move fast and #AchieveMore with partners - all with the latest industry intelligence, content and digital reach.

InXero cares about you and your business and we have invented a single go-to-market dashboard to unify all your communications by connecting disjointed tools and consolidating all the vendors you represent in one place. With InXero, you will have a scalable way to connect with modern tech buyers, launch new joint solutions to market faster and turn buyer experience into revenue. Our product will drive more web traffic, increase leads and give you the MDF reporting you need to justify the money your partners are investing in you.

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Making an impact

This is an opportunity for all of us to have an outsized impact in our businesses. Since technology drives human progress forward, this is an opportunity for unprecedented progress and making an impact in the world by deploying the new technologies faster and securely.

We now have more powerful technologies than ever before – highly automated infrastructure in the cloud.

As Sayta Nadella of Microsoft says: the sum of education + innovation multiplied by the intensity of tech use drives economic growth.


of global GDP from tech. By 2030, IT spend will be 10% of the global GDP. That will be $14 Trillion of IT spend to drive the human progress forward. This the opportunity that we celebrate.


Eads Bridge: Passage to Progress

East meets West

The bridge at Mississippi river is a great example of how new technology, innovation and connectivity drives the human progress.

Opened in 1874, it was the longest bridge ever made to cross the Mississippi River and connected the American East with the America West. It actually made America United. Before the bridge was built, many doubted whether the enormous arches of the bridge will hold up. But Andrew Carnegie and James Eads had an unconventional plan to build it. They found their secret sauce. Steel was the perfect material for this bridge. No one has ever tried to use steel to make a structure this big. But Carnegie understands the value of new technology and begins to adapt it.

The bridge was built. The results were epic. The transportation, rail road and commerce flourished. The quality of life for Americans dramatically improved. The innovation and adoption of new technologies accelerated economic gains at an unprecedented levels. America has emerged stronger than ever. The New York Times called it The World's Eighth Wonder. And it’s a really attractive American story.

Now as we transform into the digital world, the digital backbone, that simplifies new technology adoption, go-to-market collaboration and connects the Eastern World and the Western World, will accelerate the human progress faster in new ways never before possible. This digital opportunity to make an impact is what we celebrate. It serves as the basis of our mission to empower every IT solution provider achieve more with partners in the digital age.