Seller Goals

The IT buyer process has changed. In this time of digital transformation, perspective has shifted from seller to buyer. You need to provide a unique buyer experience in every conversation. You know it is no longer impactful to simply provide content. By meeting the buyer at their stage of need, you can build lasting, digital relationships that will accelerate revenue decisions. You need to create this new buyer journey difference. This will drive buying, generate digital trust, build credibility and ensure customer loyalty today. To stand out from your competition, you need a unique way of sharing that content with your buyer.


Best Practices


A unique buyer experience requires a unique story. A unique story requires a great collection of content that connects with the buyer at a deeper level. Put yourself and all your sales reps in the best position to succeed with up-to-date industry news, analyst reports, videos, white papers, and relevant product information. Create personalized buyer experiences easily for your conversations. Sales reps should not have to waste time searching for the right content. Consider a platform where your marketing team can curate the relevant content for you and have it ready in your content queue all the time.

InXero can help. Recommended Tools

Using InXero Go-to-Market Platform, you can easily find the relevant content from industry and all your vendor partners. You can easily create unique buyer experiences for all your buyer conversations and differentiate from your competition.


Put information on the fingertips of your sellers and help them become the trusted advisors.



of content marketers are forgetting sales enablement.


of the buyer’s journey is completed before the buyer talks to sales.


of buyers viewed at least 5 pieces of content from the winning vendor.

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