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Seller Goals

Seller Goals

In this new digital and cloud era, solution providers influence has increased to help buyers choose the right solutions to achieve their business outcomes. You need to positively influence and help your buyer make the right technology decisions. You need to continue to be the trusted advisor and boost your thought leadership in this time of transformation.

You know the importance of trust in building a business. Today, the buyers are exploring new solutions online, and along the way they’re looking for trusted advisors who can help them achieve the required business outcomes. But how do you build that trust digitally when over 67% of the buyer’s journey takes place without you?


Best Practices


Being the trusted advisor in the past meant meeting with a customer face to face and demonstrating your knowledge and expertise. In the digital era, building trust starts with the buyer journey. Early in the buyer journey, your digital presence and social media play an important part – the buyer creation loop. In the later part of the journey, you help buyers adopt your solutions and realize the value – the loyalty loop. Throughout the journey, and at various buyer moments along the way, be helpful with relevant contextual information and intelligence. Educate these buyers with vendor agnostic content such as industry articles, analyst reports, white papers and even case studies. Make it personal. Create your own buyer library by leveraging assets from sources such as technical magazines, blogs from industry experts, whitepapers, reports, buyer guides, and peer reviews. Keep the buyer page fresh and proactively keep the buyer in the loop as the journey progresses.

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Your marketing team and the InXero machine will ensure you have easy access to the relevant, curated content that puts you in the best position to help your buyers. You can discover and share industry specific content on social media and directly with your buyers. Building your digital trust and being relevant on social media is easy today with InXero.

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Discover and share trending tech stories and intelligence to drive traffic to your site.


Elevate your reputation and get noticed by sharing content curated by experts at your company.


Put information on the fingertips of your sellers and help them become the trusted advisors.



of buyers says it’s absolutely critical or very important to interact with a salesperson who is a trusted advisor - not just a sales rep - who adds value to their business.


Up to 70% of B2B content goes unused.


Around 50% marketers specializing in B2B consider Thought Leadership an intrinsic part of content marketing strategy.

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