The B2B Buyer Journey

In the digital and cloud economy, tech buyer completes over 75% of the buying research online so solution providers digital presence and time to market are revenue critical. Most solution provider marketers are missing those buyer moments. When you deploy InXero platform across your website, social, mobile and sales team, you will leverage the industry and your favorite vendor partners assets, Go-to-Market apps and intelligence to deliver amazing buyer experience at every step of the buying process with your unique story, build trust, increase your brand awareness, demand, cross-sell, revenue and life time value of the buyer.

We Believe

Delivering intuitive buyer experiences at every buyer moment is the single most strategic advantage for the solution providers to become the trusted advisor in the digital era.

Tools for IT Solution Providers Marketers and Sellers


Tell your unique story with the relevant content for the right audience.

Trending Stories

Discover and share trending tech stories and intelligence to drive traffic to your site.


Elevate your reputation and get noticed by sharing content curated by experts at your company.


Put information on the fingertips of your sellers and help them become the trusted advisors.

Our keys to solution providers Go-to-Market Success

A unique buyer experience and brand require a unique story. A unique story requires a great collection of content that connects with the buyer at a deeper level. Create unique buyer experiences with the award-winning Go-to-Market InXero platform for all your digital properties — without writing code. With access to tech industry and vendor content you can create beautiful showcases in no time that automatically adjust to all devices.


Technology is changing fast. You are focused on improving your customer’s business outcomes through the latest technology. Using InXero Go-to-Market Platform, you can be agile and fast on this digital highway, and establish your company as a market leader in your area. Find the latest trends, relevant content from the industry, and all your vendor partner’s content to create your unique digital transformation story that will strengthen buyer acquisition, loyalty, and build your profitable cloud business.


Becoming a market leader doesn’t happen by accident. InXero empowers you to improve marketing and sales coordination to be agile and fast — thus elevating you to perform at the top of your game. Listen to the top new trends in your solution area that your buyers care about. Be up to date on the new product announcements from your vendors. As soon as new trends happen or new products are announced, your website, social media and sellers should be talking about it to boost your thought leadership and digital trust.


You work with multiple vendor partners. With InXero, your marketing and InXero’s experts ensure your sales team have easy access to joint multi-vendor solution bundles and curated content to address your customers unique needs at the right moment — thus making it super easy to maximize cross-sell and upsell with your existing customers as well as sell full solutions to new buyers.


There’s a wealth of opportunity hidden in your current customer base. InXero makes it easy for your sales team to keep the customers in the loop through their journey. Guide and educate your customers to adopt your solutions and help them realize the value. Easily share the right content and the right reports to the right customer at the right time and, track the engagement to pinpoint your biggest advocates.


Using InXero, you can easily gain insights into how buyers are interacting with your digital experiences. Discover the content, showcases, and activities that are driving more traffic, and generate more engagement with the buyer. Get Clicks, Downloads and Views reported in aggregate by showcase and content. Tie content to the leads. Measure the impact of your marketing and seller enablement efforts, so that you can focus on the programs that work and strengthen partnerships with vendors that provide you the most co-marketing funds.


Works with your site, mobile, social, marketing automation and CRM


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