CEO Goals

You need to be first to market new solutions and establish your company as a market leader in your area. In the cloud era, you know that your speed, time-to-market and multi-vendor joint solution selling is revenue critical. You need the ability to create joint bundles from multiple vendors and create your unique solution that addresses your buyers needs. Be the first to educate your buyers on the new trends that will help them achieve the business outcomes they are looking for.


Best Practices


Listen to the top new trends in your solution area that your buyers care about today. Look for the new products announcements from your vendors. As soon as the new trends happen or new products get announced, your website, social media, and sellers must be talking about them. Consider a platform that can make it easy to access relevant marketing and sales assets, create your solution story, and deliver your story across all your digital channels in the same day that the new technology is released to market.

InXero can help. Recommended Tools

Using InXero Go-to-Market Platform, you can easily create unique stories and buyer experiences on the fly and accelerate your time-to-market.


Tell your unique story with the relevant content for the right audience.

Trending Stories

Discover and share trending tech stories and intelligence to drive traffic to your site.


Elevate your reputation and get noticed by sharing content curated by experts at your company.


Put information on the fingertips of your sellers and help them become the trusted advisors.



of marketing leaders say the change of pace makes annual planning challenging.


of companies with 10% or more growth report improvement in fast adaption.


of marketing initiatives take more than six months to take to market.

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