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LiveAction Overview
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LiveAction Overview

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Application-aware Network Performance Management and QoS Control for Your Next-Generation Cisco Network


Optimize your business application delivery and accelerate troubleshooting and resolution of performance issues with LiveAction.  An industry-leading application-aware network performance management software, LiveAction allows you to control your complex enterprise network by:


  • Deploying and enabling Cisco advanced technologies 
  • Monitoring and analyzing traffic
  • Troubleshooting network and application problems
  • Resolving issues by leveraging Cisco advanced technologies such as QoS, LAN Switching, Routing, NetFlow, FnF, NBAR2, Medianet, AVC, PfR, and IP SLA


LiveAction  provides scalability, dashboard and site-based reporting, enhanced filter and search, 360-degree report view, and highly correlated workflows to quickly resolve business critical performance issues in your WAN, SaaS and cloud application, MPLS or DMVPN links, converged wired and wireless, video, VoIP, surveillance cameras, and BYOD devices.


In addition, LiveAction is the Cisco Intelligent WAN management platform providing visualization of PfR path changes across the network topology, Out-of-Policy (OOP) reasons triggering PfR route changes, and the resulting application traffic associated with those PfR route changes.


LiveAction Includes:

Network Monitoring
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