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Ixia DDoS Defense Validation Services for the Enterprise

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Solution Brief: DDoS Mitigation Test

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Most likely your purchase or lease of Ixia test and monitoring gear was came with a strategy and plan of action on how to make the best use of it to solve both immediate and future problems. But your IT, engineering, QA, or test staff may be tied up in other projects or may not have the expertise yet to fulfill those plans.

Ixia’s Professional Services Test Consulting offers immediate resources to increase and expedite your Ixia product return on investment (ROI). Working alone or together with your engineers, our engineering staff will embed Ixia tools and technology into your business processes and to get your solutions up and running quickly.

Ixia’s Test Consulting comprises bundled services for best-practice recommendations, project management, and training; and design and implementation of integrated test solutions and automation. You’ll gain critical access to trained experts to assist in urgent and late product development testing, customer proof-of-concepts, real-world solution demonstrations, and test lab setup, development, and on-going maturation.

Our Test Consulting packages range from installation and configuration (I&C) to custom solutions with extensive design and development. No matter what the task, our test experts are ready to assist you in taking our Ixia hardware and software to the next level within your organization. Experienced test and measurement engineers are one of your company's most valuable resources and it is essential that you maximize their productivity, along with that of your test equipment. Ixia's professional services offerings are designed to enable your engineers and accelerate your ROI in Ixia equipment.

While front-page headlines have increased awareness, network and application security threats continue to advance more quickly in both number and complexity. Enterprises must seek new, more advanced solutions for safeguarding customer data, intellectual property, financial assets, and their all-important reputation. But even after investing heavily in systems and services, countless enterprises fall prey each year to devastating outages, often prompted by catastrophic distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Today's attacks still employ brute force flood attacks like SYN and DNS that have been around since 1990s, but attackers are also using legitimate-looking traffic designed to consume network and application resources. Often DDoS is used to create a diversion for other malicious activity.

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