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B2B Social Media Showcase Creation

When you are busy or want to gain expertise creating social showcases, you can call us. Our showcase creation team will work with you to create the right showcase for your products and services or specific campaign such as webinar or event.

This will involve conducting a quick social showcase and content strategy session to understand your business objectives and what kind of showcase, content and social channels will drive the best results.

Create compelling showcases that grab attention, engage prospects and go viral

BusinessLive Xero Moment Showcase Apps and Engagement Platform
This service is available for a specific campaign or on retention basis for your on-going showcase needs to manage all your showcases across all your social presences such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+, your website, your OEM partners website, blogs.

With our BusinessLive Showcase Apps and Engagement Platform, you can do it all on your own, but in case you want trained showcase managers, InXero showcase creation team is here to help.

Start planning for your Xero Moment Showcase and Content Strategy workshop by contacting us today: