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BusinessLive B2B Social Media Showcase Apps and Engagement Platform

BusinessLive Xero Moment Showcase Apps and Engagement Platform

BusinessLive empowers businesses to showcase their value proposition business through social media and their own websites with simplicity, speed and cost efficiency resulting in new found growth.

Our award winning and patent pending BusinessLive platform enables small businesses & channel partners to more efficiently, affordably and rapidly engage prospects on website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and mobile.

Our cloud-based innovative solution lets marketers centrally manage and create differentiated social showcases by aggregating rich multimedia marketing content, launch showcase applications, capture leads and track performance.

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    Create & Manage Showcases

    Rapidly create custom showcases by aggregating content from a multitude of sources. Enhance the content with a social experience. Manage showcase lifecycle from one central place.

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    Launch Showcase Apps

    Publish your showcase instantaneously to your website, portals, landing pages, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and G+ to engage with prospects in new ways.

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    Be Found and Monetize Engagements

    Be found for new opportunities. Generate more sales leads, grow your business and reduce cost of sales. Consolidate lead capture into one central place.

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    Analyze Showcases

    Track your success and optimize your showcases based on up-to-the-minute engagement data. Gain visibility into your showcases engagement and performance. Find your best performing products & services and most engaging content.