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WildPackets - Network Forensics Intermittent Issues

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To troubleshoot an intermittent network issue you need to capture and analyze historical network traffic data. WildPackets' solutions provide the right tools for the job.


If you have users that are complaining about a problem that occurs only intermittently it can be hard to pin down the issue even if you monitor your network regularly. With WatchPoint and Omnipliance TL network analysis and recorder appliance, you can capture network traffic for several hours, days, or even months and have the data you need to identify the problem and fix it.




  • Hours or even days of network traffic collected by a single system and stored in a common, searchable format
  • Access to WildPackets' award-winning Expert Analysis, graphical reports, and application performance scoring
  • Flexible data collection—focus on a specific user or server, or collect all data on a network segment for future inspection
  • A single interface provides access to terabytes of data
  • Collect comprehensive data—anything that cross the network, whether email, IM, VoIP, FTP, HTML, or some other application or protocol
  • High-level analysis tools eliminate the need for brute-force analysis from disparate data sources
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