Threat Simulator is a breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform built on 20+ years of leadership in network security testing. SecOps teams trust Threat Simulator to not only simulate the cyber-attack kill-chain, but also to analyze security spend and deliver dynamic remediation recommendations.

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    Threat Simulator: Measure and Optimize SecOps

    Safely simulate attacks, identify and fix misconfigurations, and reduce SecOps alert fatigue. Learn more: https://www.keysight.com/find/breachdefense Enterprise networks are under constant threat. Between misconfigurations, vendor updates, alert fatigue, and a security skills shortage, experiencing a breach is no longer a question of “if” — it’s a question of “when”. Measure operational effectiveness. With our SecOps solutions, you can continuously simulate attacks on your production network, dramatically reduce SIEM alerts, and stay ahead of attackers with the latest threat intel. Breach Defense makes it easy to: i. Emulate real-world attacks without compromising your applications ii. Discover security gaps in your production network iii. Remediate gaps quickly with detailed, step-by-step instructions iv. Stay ahead of attackers with 24/7/365 threat intelligence v. Reduce alert fatigue by blocking 80% of hostile traffic at the source vi. Measure your security effectiveness, assess whether you need additional tools, and identify potential redundancy and overspend Keysight Threat Simulator: Breach and Attack Simulation You know how you never really know whether what your security team is doing OR spending is making a difference? Or even if your SIEM detection rules are accurate or that a simple misconfiguration has you at risk. That’s our goal, give you answers by continuously simulating, safely, attacks and breaches in your network. We created Threat Simulator because our global customers were tired of not knowing, plus we have a team with 15years of threat intel and security testing knowledge to put to use. We created Threat Simulator, a cloud-based product that you can be using in a matter of minutes to safely create the entire kill chain; we’re talking phishing, user behavior, malware transmission, C&C, infection, even lateral movement. But it's the end results that matter because you're not just getting a bunch of attack data, you get a map to the gaps in your security technology and processes, along with step-by-step instructions on how to make the fix. Sometimes it's just that simple. Keysight ThreatARMOR: Threat Intelligence Gateway Hackers may be tenacious, but they aren't perfect. Attacks are preventable — yet breaches remain as prevalent as ever. So why are breaches so commonplace? Alert fatigue. SecOps teams work tirelessly to prevent attacks, but the sheer volume of SIEM alerts is immense, and vital clues are often missed. In fact, the Ponemon Institute reports that only 29% of security alerts are ever investigated. You need to reduce your attack surface — and that means stopping attackers from ever entering your network. That’s why so many SecOps teams rely on ThreatARMOR to reduce their attack surface. As bad actors continually circumvent firewall filters, threat intelligence gateways like ThreatARMOR give you a more resilient defense — blocking threats by location, not behavior. #SecOps #SecurityOperations #NetworkSecurity #CyberSecurity #BreachAndAttackSimulation #ThreatIntelligenceGateway #SIEM #AlertFatigue #BAS #Keysight #Ixia #BreachDefense #ThreatSimulator #ThreatARMOR #RedTeam #Security

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