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    Vision Edge 1S – Visibility and Performance Monitoring for the Edgeless Enterprise

    Get security and performance monitoring at the edge of your network. Learn more at: http://bit.ly/VisionE1S As the Internet of Things, 5G, cloud, and edge computing architectures expand networking environments, the demand for edge visibility is skyrocketing. While these technologies allow for a greater distribution of computing and communicating devices, they pose significant challenges such as latency, security, and distributed network performance management. Vision Edge 1S, Ixia's newest packet broker, solves these issues by offering dedicated resources for packet processing and network performance monitoring at the edge. Vision Edge 1S combines packet and flow collection so legacy monitoring and security tools can be deployed in a distributed architecture. This enables you to perform network performance monitoring and analysis at your network’s edge — helping your branch sites detect and troubleshoot problems faster and easier. Tailor-made to deliver packet-level visibility across all your branch sites and remote locations, Vision Edge 1S bolsters your security and network performance tools by capturing, filtering, and load-balancing packet data at the edge of your network. With Ixia’s industry-leading visibility intelligence, you can rest easy knowing your security and monitoring tools are being fed by the gold standard in actionable intelligence. #NetworkPacketBroker #NetworkVisibility #EdgeComputing #IoT #NetworkPerformanceMonitoring #NetworkSecurity #Security #EdgelessEnterprise

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