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    Cost of Complacent Cybersecurity

    Ever wish you could just give in to despair and stop worrying

    about imminent security threats and let your network operate

    on cruise control? It’s a tempting thought given the escalating

    number of threats and the challenges involved in prioritizing them

    in terms of business risk cost and time to remediate.. It would be

    nice to shut off the vulnerability news feeds and quit managing all

    those updates so you could focus on other things. While this will

    only ever be a pipe dream for diligent security practitioners, the

    surprising truth is that it’s a reality for some businesses. In many

    organizations, complacency is king, and IT teams don’t prioritize

    network security. Rather than committing to rigorously protect

    their assets and take a proactive approach to security, these

    companies reflect an apathetic perspective that carries a hefty

    price tag.

    In this paper, we will summarize the most obvious costs of

    complacent security and then cover some additional business

    impacts associated with a reactive cybersecurity strategy.

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