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Dell Networking for the Future-Ready Data Center


Networking for the Future-Ready Data Center

Transform your data center network

Whether your data center is a massive server farm or a single rack of equipment, you can achieve real results faster with 10/40GbE networking optimized for your future-ready initiatives.

What initiatives are you implementing or considering?

Effective virtualization requires strong coordination between the network and connected physical devices. Our network switching solutions give you unprecedented performance and flexibility that make it easy to unify physical and virtual environments without sacrificing rack space, connectivity or energy efficiency.

And our enhanced virtualization and automation features at the individual switch level help you power non-stop networking and virtualized environments while reducing costs and resources.

In addition, the Dell Networking Open Network Automation Framework provides essential coordination between the hypervisor and the physical network fabric. Virtual Server Networking provides real-time communication between the network fabric and virtualized server technologies to automate network management and configuration tasks throughout the data center infrastructure. And because Open Automation supports hypervisors from multiple vendors, you can use a single mechanism to simultaneously support multiple hypervisors and their management tools.

The unique demands of a mobile workforce require a flexible, optimized network infrastructure. Even a single client request typically generates a flurry of server-to-server traffic. And this means that mobile workers create an exponential increase in east-west traffic that has significant impact on network performance. Our solutions support your cloud initiatives with economical scalability and the flexibility to adopt future high-impact technologies like software-defined networking (SDN).

Dell Active Fabric solutions give you a flexible, fast, any-to-any multipath network architecture optimized for the typical traffic patterns of remote users. And unlike larger, more complex systems, an Active Fabric solution deploys quickly and easily. It provides simple, economical scale-out architectures that enable you to pay as you grow.

In fact, our efficient Active Fabric approach delivers significant benefits over leading competitive approaches: 77 percent less power consumption and 59 percent average cost savings in standard deployments. In addition, Active Fabric is an ideal platform for SDN that offers complete, unbiased support for a variety of SDN techniques.

As you seek faster, simpler, more cost-effective ways to deploy and manage today’s complex workloads, the demand for a converged infrastructure increases. We deliver single-vendor, end-to-end converged infrastructure support so you can focus on your workloads, rather than infrastructure components. We understand the complexity of using equipment from multiple venders within the data center and the testing and support requirements of servers, networking and storage. We bring you fully converged platforms so you can focus on managing your modern workloads most effectively. We offer a variety of appliances, chassis solutions, expertise and support for cost savings, rapid deployment and consolidated management.

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