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The 2017 Threat Intelligence Report


Security solutions offered by Champion Solutions Group include Endpoint Security, Compliance and Regulatory Requirements, Virus and Zero-day Malware Protection, Firewall, SIEM, Identify and Access Control and more. 

Our expertise enables customers to operate without fear, particularly in the Finance and Healthcare sectors. 

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    The 2017 Threat Intelligence Report

    Whether deluged by spam or targeted by cybercrime, organizations of all kinds clearly must continue to practice security fundamentals. To complement a solid information security foundation, organizations can continue to engage in collaboration to learn best practices and share findings and insights with colleagues. The faster they react to cybercrime findings and share their experiences across the security community, the less time each malware variant can live and or see successful fraud attacks. As a result, cybercrime can become much less financially viable for attackers, as exposure can weed out large numbers of fraudsters who abandon their criminal pursuit for lack of profit. Beyond sharing intelligence, IBM Security has evolved to bring cognitive capabilities into the fight against cybercrime, with the goal of transforming it altogether. IBM Watson® for Cyber Security is already being used by 40 organizations, where it is helping spot cyber attacks. Cognitive computing is not only 30 to 40 percent faster than traditional systems,69 it also continually learns and doesn’t repeat the same mistake twice, reducing false positives, and keeping up with threats. Before long, cognitive cybersecurity could outsmart human cybercrime and turn the tables on cybercriminals.

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