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How To Manage Cyber Risks During Digital Transformation


Implementing and managing a tightly secure environment is difficult and generally requires a significant resource commitment. We can help you address your security and compliance needs by providing full scope penetration testing, outsourced security staff and services, compliance preparation, and security program creation and strategy.

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    How To Manage Cyber Risks During Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is happening rapidly in every industry. As companies move toward software-defined infrastructures (SDI) connected to powerful cloud ecosystems, they can tap into the near-real-time intelligence from the data gathered from every edge of their business, helping to drive faster business decisions and changing the way they serve their customers.


    Rapid transformation, however, without a solid plan, can produce cybersecurity vulnerabilities. As infrastructures go virtual, security models need to shift. To avoid serious risks and security management issues, companies need to identify challenges, strategize, collaborate, pilot, test, and evangelize.


    In this report, we’ve outlined an approach for edge-to-edge security for companies to consider as they build their digital transformation roadmaps. Strengthening a company’s security posture in a world of SDI requires rethinking both the human and the infrastructure elements, leaving behind the idea of network-centric security and moving toward data-centric security.

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