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One of the most impactful changes in data center infrastructures over the last decade is virtualization—first for servers, and then for storage and networking. Architectural approaches such as SDN, SD-WAN, and NFV use virtualization to deliver more flexible and interoperable services across the LAN and WAN. More recently, containers have added yet another degree of agility to data centers and the cloud.  

Enterprises and service providers shift to SDN/NFV for more agile and cost-effective deployments. As you migrate from physical to virtual infrastructure, your customers’, employees’, and subscribers’ quality of experience should be maintained or improved. You also want to have total visibility into your virtualized infrastructure and data.   We offer solutions to help you test your SDN/NFV migrations and ensure that they are successful. We also help you eliminate blind-spots with a portfolio of visibility solutions to access data and traffic in your virtual network. 

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    Case Study: Fixing Video Disruptions Before They Happen

    A large broadband internet, video, and telecommunications company has a long history of providing telephone, wireless, and video services to millions of homes and businesses throughout the United States. The company delivers broadcast and video-ondemand content over its fiber-to-the-premises service through a set-top box (STB). The company’s STBs are complex and cumbersome to update, making new features difficult and expensive to deliver. “New features require us to update every customer’s set-top box,” a company vice president told us. “Some updates are successful. Others fail and require a house call.” As a result, the company is testing the use of a virtual STB that requires updates to the network, not the STB, to release new features.

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