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Transforming Endpoint Security: Going Far Beyond Attack Detection


G/S Solutions works with clients to deliver a pro-active approach assisting clients through the execution of security assessments, identification of security gaps and deployment of unified solutions to increase their security immune system keeping pace with complexities of IT infrastructures and evolving threats.

G/S Solutions is available to assist in delivering industry-leading solutions to Detect, Protect, Respond and Remediate threats to secure critical data, reduce compliance cost while accelerating your business.

MaaS360, QRadar, Security Intelligence solutions, BYOD, SIEM, Endpoint Management, mobility management, BigFix Detect, BigFix Patch, BigFix Lifecycle, BigFix Compliance, IBM X-Force, Security Intelligence, Endpoint Detection and Response, EDR
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    Transforming Endpoint Security: Going Far Beyond Attack Detection

    As cyber attacks seem to succeed at will, endpoints remain the most vulnerable and most favored attack vector, providing the lowest barrier of entry for cybercriminals. Endpoints require a continuous, multifaceted approach to securing them, both proactively to reduce their attack surface, and reactively to
    contain and remediate detected attacks.
    The security industry has responded by providing solutions intended to spot and react to malware and malicious behavior. However, no matter how good these tools are, they suffer a number of crucial weaknesses. Approaches that focus largely on detection typically address only part of the larger problem faced by any enterprise. Deeper security requires an organization not only to detect threats, but also to go beyond detection to understanding the company’s total security posture—and then to acting decisively to undo damage of an attack and prevent similar attacks from occurring, enterprise-w ide

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