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A delicate balancing act is taking place on networks globally. It is the balance between applying strong protective measures to keep data safe and unintentionally concealing new IT security vulnerabilities. And it all centers on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Just as SSL encryption protects certain details of a transaction, it can also conceal and protect malicious cyberthreats. This means it is essential for organizations to decrypt and inspect SSL traffic, to be sure it is not being used to propogate malware

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    Security in an Encrypted World

    Encryption is one of the basic enabling technologies of the Internet. We rely on it to do business with partners, shop online, send email, and access applications while maintaining our privacy, identities, and security. It is so important that most cloud providers, such as Google, Facebook, and others, along with most mobile apps, have already switched to using encryption by default on all connections.

    As SSL/TLS encryption has become more important, encryption standards have changed over time to address security weaknesses or stay ahead of faster computers that make brute-force attacks easier. One such recent update is the introduction of ephemeral key cryptography, which makes encryption more secure and encourages even more widespread adoption.

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