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Vision Edge: Visibility for Any Site


As data centers grow, the ability to see what is happening in the network diminishes. You need a cost-effective solution that operates like the building blocks, both capable of providing top-of-the rack visibility for a single unit and capable of scaling to thousands of racks with software defined visibility. Ixia's Vision Edge™ 40 (E40) and Vision Edge 100 (E100) are best-in-class, fully-featured network packet brokers that are ideal for the ANY size modern data center.

Network Monitoring
network packet broker, microscale, hyperscale, rack-level visibility, rack level visibility, leaf-spine architecture, leaf spine, data center, software defined network, SDN, software defined visibility
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    Network Visibility – Performance Matters

    Some visibility companies advertise features that cannot be used at the same time. But Ixia’s network packet broker features can operate simultaneously because they are processed by a dedicated hardware accelerator chip. Avoid the other company’s painful workarounds that are expensive and hard to manage. Watch and see why feature compatibility matters. Then visit
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