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Verodin’s Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) enables organizations to understand  and communicate cybersecurity effectiveness with quantifiable, evidence-based data. This paradigm shift elevates cybersecurity from a “magic black box” to a metrics-driven business unit.  Verodin SIP is a foundational technology – a new approach to managing the cybersecurity lifecycle.  After implementing Verodin, customers move through a progression of milestones that measurably mature their layered defenses with actionable metrics.

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    Instrumenting Security with Jay Leek

    Verodin CISO Brian Contos and former Blackstone CISO Jay Leek discuss the value that Verodin delivers from both the C-level and security operations point of view. Jays explains that, "Verodin is really helping me, as a CISO, answer some of the questions that have been almost impossible to answer".
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