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Security without Sacrifice

IT and security operations teams use Vision ONE™ to get complete visibility into traffic and applications on their network. The first step to better security is getting visibility of all packets across the network. Vision ONE delivers the high-performance loss-less visibility you need to get the most from your security and monitoring tools.

Vision ONE combines the best advanced visibility functions into a single appliance. Whether you need to see everything on your network, fight against threats hiding in encrypted traffic, deploy a best-of-breed combination of security tools, or feed the right data to your forensic solutions, Vision ONE is the answer.

Vision ONE combines the best of Ixia technology to address the 6 major challenges every enterprise faces in amplifying their security:

  1. The ability to see everything – Because IT can’t fight what they can’t see
  2. Look inside encrypted traffic – Gartner states that by 2017, more than half of the attacks targeting enterprises will use encrypted traffic to bypass controls (Gartner report: Security Leaders Must Address Threats from Rising SSL Traffic)
  3. Grow incrementally – Manage budget to always match your needs
  4. Build a layered defense – Deploy best of breed inline security and out-of-band analysis tools to build a tiered defense
  5. Feed the right data to the right tools – Analyze data with the optimal tool for each task; use visibility intelligence to direct data to the relevant tools (see Tolly report
  6. Migrate to a virtual data center – Maintain security across your physical and virtual infrastructure from a common security platform
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