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Ixia Hawkeye


Active Network Assessment and Monitoring Platform

Network performance and user experience are critical aspects of your business. It is vital to understand customers’ perception of your website, application, and network services. NOT knowing impacts your revenue stream.

Key Features

  • Hawkeye brings Ixia advanced network and application testing technology into live networks
  • Designed for network assessments and active monitoring for field and production networks, Hawkeye will help in day-to-day operations of complex network and application environments
  • Industry-leading library with 100’s of application tests enables assessment of network throughput, class of service, unified communications, and much more
  • Be in control of the performance of your entire network and services with cost-effective endpoint probe distribution that delivers expansive network coverage
  • Green-light your services with pre-launch assessments by emulating real application traffic up to line rate for any network  scenario to see how it perfoms
  • Be a troubleshooting wonder by firing off quick validation tests with clear demarcation points to almost instantly find network and application issues
  • Proactively detect problems with continuous monitoring of QoE and QoS, so you always know that your network is meeting SLA and quality standards

Ixia’s Hawkeye continually measures network performance and service status. If there is an issue, Hawkeye helps you identify it, quantify it, and ultimately resolve it – before your customers experience it.

Network Monitoring
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    Hawkeye Ensuring Wireless Deployment Quality

    As wireless networks running over Wi-Fi or cellular technologies become the default

    last mile, IT is challenged to ensure complete service coverage on all campuses.

    Some applications like voice or unified communications (UC) can be very sensitive

    to special conditions that arise due to an improper wireless last hop to the end

    devices. Additionally, wireless services often now include BYOD (bring your own

    device) policies that increase complexity and impact service quality.

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