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There is a mass migration to cloud with 90% of organizations using cloud in some fashion. Coupled with increased internet and mobile traffic, total virtual traffic has proliferated in recent years. This creates a challenge for application performance and security monitoring — how does an organization get granular access to virtual traffic? How do organizations eliminate virtual blind spots that create risk?  CloudLens™, Ixia's platform for public, private and hybrid cloud visibility addresses the challenges of granular data access in the cloud. CloudLens Private, the arm that supports private cloud technologies, is able to tap, filter, process and manipulate traffic all in a cloud environment. CloudLens offers organizations the visibility they need, while keeping aligned to "all cloud," hybrid cloud, multi-cloud or any cloud strategy. 

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    Case Study: Media Provider Enhances Cloud Security


    Provider of media and entertainment software

    Key Issues:

    • Online gaming constantly exposed to attacks and malware

    • Need way to identify malicious traffic and reduce impact to users and gaming experience


    • Intrusion detection solutions require packet-level data that is not accessible from public cloud providers


    • Ixia CloudLens platform for data visibility


    • Ability to see data inside every cloud deployed

    • Automatic deployment and scalability of visibility sensors

    • Increased protection from attacks that impact game experience or expose customer data

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