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About Connect Tech West, Inc.
As a leading independent Value Added Reseller of state of the art IT network solutions – including wireless, wired, voice and video products, our focus is to provide our clients with innovative and objective networking business solutions to meet particular client needs.

Our mission at Connect Tech West is to provide the best of breed technologies and consulting services that offer superb performance, reliability, manageability and cost effectiveness. As your Network Solutions Partner, we strive to create networks to preserve client wealth and investment. Many of our unique product offerings can save companies a great deal of time and money.

Connect Tech West staff and consultants have years of industry experience which make them uniquely qualified to offer cutting edge IT solutions to major enterprise, healthcare, retail, government, communication, and educational clients on the West Coast.

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"We get many vendors trying to get us to switch, but we’ve been very happy with Connect Tech West’s support and service over the years and expect that to continue as we continue to grow our business."

IT Manager, Video Technology Manufacturer

"Connect Tech West’s value-add includes excellent day-to-day support, response time, delivery and on-site assistance with our Cisco products. In addition, Connect Tech West also compliments their Cisco product line with extra Value-added products and services such as Netcordia’s Net MRI and Network Instruments. These niche products help run, support and enhance our Cisco networks. Connect Tech West offers a complete solution which is key to our success."

Manager of Network Operations, Major California Medical Center

"We are impressed with Connect Tech West’s ability to open doors and close sales. Connect Tech West has cultivated strong relationships with major enterprise customers. These customers trust Connect Tech West to bring them innovative networking products and solutions. As a networking manufacturer, we are fortunate to have Connect Tech West as our key V.A.R."

Director of Sales, Network Equipment Manufacturer
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