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Improving the Energy Efficiency of Modern Supercomputers


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    Improving the Energy Efficiency of Modern Supercomputers

    Energy efficiency has become an increasingly crucial requirement for supercomputers as the industry races to assemble the next generation of powerful computing systems. Not only does furthering energy efficiency promise to create a whole new breed of powerful and efficient systems, but it will also be a critical enabler of the ability to achieve even greater computing possibilities. We’ve come a long way, but it’s clear there is still some difficult – yet critically important – work that the industry must do in the realm of energy efficiency. Enhancing computing power without prohibitive increases in energy demand will undoubtedly require a complete transformation spreading across every aspect of HPC system design. To help achieve this goal, HPE is working to drive new advancements in energy efficiency research, improve power-efficiency in both new and existing system designs, and continue to actively research, develop, and test novel approaches that will not only dramatically improve the energy efficiency of modern supercomputers, but also help the industry usher in a new era of computing. 

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